Refrigerated Container

Bharat offers a wide range of Refrigerated Containers are design to meet international quality standards for transportation with the temperature range (+12°C to -25°C) for all perishable foods on all type of vehicles (Small & Mini Truck).

Features :

Low Weight
High Strength
Better Insulation

Detachable Refrigerated Container

Bharat’s Detachable Refrigerated Container is designed for multi deliveries of Ice Cream, Frozen Foods, Sea Foods, Meat, Bakery Products, Fruit-Vegetable & Dairy Products distribution. The Eutectic Plates are mounted inside a chamber which is separate from the main load system. The product inside the storage compartment is cooled on required temperature either for Frozen Application (-24⁰C) or Chilled Application (+2⁰C to 8⁰C) by the PCM pads. The connected power supply to charge should be 3 phase.

Model DT-1 Detachable model
Power 2 Kw / Hr
Daily Usage 8 hours of charging for 20 to 30 multipoint distribution / ambient 50⁰C
Container capacity -Inner 45 crates (Ice cream) 3600 Litres inner volume
Temperature -20ºC (Frozen) I +4ºC(chilled), DUAL Temp
Door 1 No rear
Suitable Vehicles Tata Ace / Mahindra Maximo
Tata Super Ace
Leyland Dost
Bolero Maxi Truck
Bolero pickup / Isuzu Dmax

Why Choose Bharat Refrigeration?

Requires no fuel to run the system
Operates at fraction of the cost of diesel driven Reefers
Very High Temperature Stability
Easy to operate - Plug & Charge
No Moving parts - Negligible Maintenance
Low Temperature Fluctuations at door openings
High Reliability: Assured product protection during distribution
Enables a green Cold Chain
Nation-wide service network


Maximum storage capacity
High resale value
Easily reparable
Low maintenance
Container can be shifted to another
Vehicle during vehicle breakdown / service
100% product protection
Low operating cost - less than rs.150 per day for cooling
Can be used as a cold room during off season
Only Dual Temperature reefer in India

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