Founded & Incepted by Mr. T.M. Venu in the year 1980, Bharat Refrigerations has strived it utmost to provide solution to the cooling needs and requirements of our valued customers.

In the year 1982 Bharat Air conditioners as it was named expanded its air conditioning service in domestic and commercial sector as well.

In 1985 Bharat started manufacturing 'Assembled' Air Conditioners to the growing market in India. Bharat was then engaged in Deep Freezer segment.

Following this the company was renamed BHARAT REFRIGERATIONS in 1989 as it geared up for production of Deep Freezers and Ultra Low Temp (-80degC) freezers.

In the year 1992 Bharat made a very significant contribution to the Indian Ice cream industry by developing the Eutectic Tricycle Ice-cream vending machine (now called as 'Freezer on wheels' -FOW) which is now seen in every corner of India. The product was born out of more than 5000 hours of intensive research and field tests specifically revolving around the Indian Ice cream distribution. It is needless to mention the phenomenal growth that product has contributed to ice cream consumption across the nation.

As Bharat began receiving many enquiries for Industrial refrigeration, it started developing and manufacturing Industrial Chillers to suit various needs of customers since year 2000. Bharat enhanced its product line offering many more refrigeration equipments such as Cold Rooms, Blast Freezers, Environmental Test Chambers, Panel coolers, Oil coolers, Hose Chillers, Milk Coolers, etc extending its customer base across Ice cream, Dairy, Food, Automotive, Glass, Agro and many more sectors.

In year 2007 Bharat introduced its first engine driven Refrigerated Trucks for existing clients who probed the need for further market scanning and assessment on the industry requirements and gaps in Refrigerated Transportation.

Between 2009 and 2010 BHARAT launched its STAR product Transfreez Cold Plate Refrigerated Trucks which carry the capacity to save 50% on the operating cost of traditionally available blower system. Decades of experience in Cold Chain and Ice cream, Dairy and frozen food sector has enabled the birth of Transfreez Cold Plate Refrigerated Trucks. From frozen food to fresh fruit and dairy, Transfreez's fleet of refrigerated trucks are as diverse as the markets served. Our Reefer Fleet has seen huge success in market acceptance across India due to the various benefits the technology carries.

In Year 2016, Bharat Refrigerations Pvt Ltd has been acquired by Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd. to serve our Valued Customers by providing total cooling solution & better after sales services in southern part of India.

Ice Make’s Managing Director Mr. Chandrakant Patel said “this acquisition will allow Bharat Refrigerations to continue as the leader of Refrigeration Equipments Manufacturer in the South, while leveraging Ice Make’s advanced capabilities & systems across our Refrigeration Equipment’s value chain. I believe that time has come for Ice Make to truly become one of the Strongest Players in the Refrigeration Arena that not only brings a dynamic change in commercial refrigeration market but also drive customer’s profitability through highly efficient and effective value added product line.”

Bharat Refrigerations’ Founder Mr. T.M. Venu said, “Ice Make’s support will enable Bharat Refrigerations to grow faster, introduce new product designs and models more rapidly, and expand on our history of success by reaching a broader array of customers and markets.

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